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Life Is a Yes Or No Kind of Deal - MOMO96CH

Life Is a Yes Or No Kind of Deal

As I approach my fifty-6th birthday celebration (Dear God, this implies I will really be strolling through my fifty-seventh year!) I end up investigating “where I have been” and looking with incredible enjoyment to “where I actually have not visited.” And, as I twist my brain and soul to this meandering and contemplating, I understand that for me, I should keep on keeping a “yes” demeanor going for this experience of living to continue onward, so life indeed is a yes or no deal, says yes-or-nope.com.

I strolled into my fifties realizing that life as far as I might be concerned was finished. A drawn out marriage was done and the future that I had for such a long time “accepted” would simply happen was a spilling snow globe of lost dreams. Paralyzed and faltering, I sobbed for my childhood and distressed for a young lady’s crushed picket fence.

Whenever I had cleaned my face, cleared a fairly stress lined temple and had assessed the situation, I understood that I had a “going-this-by itself” opportunity- – however it did now and then feel rather more like a slap in the head. It was “make it” or” break it” time. I could say “Yes” and stroll through the entryway prompting the remainder of my life or I could say “No” and cringe in a side of dissatisfaction and self indulgence.

Through encounters lowering and entertaining and with the assistance of companions and all out outsiders, I figured out how to square my shoulders, fix an occasionally hanging back and to walk on. I figured out how to say “Yes” to things new and unique, alarming and unfamiliar. What’s more, that “Yes” became “Indeed, I will” and afterward it became “Indeed, I can!” And presently it is “Goodness, indeed, what’s next?”

Obviously, there are times when I dig in, embrace myself and need to just hang tight. Be that as it may, hanging tight requires a ton of exertion and all I get is the normal, worn out, standard, worn out stuff going on. The zip and the punch, the “Wow, ain’t life fabulous?” starts to wind down and I start to flounder. Life starts to pale, I start to pale and things feel insignificant and half-estimated.

This “crouching and holding close” just happens, however, when I begin saying “No” to the greeting and challenge of living; when I pummel the entryway on that “finger of destiny” that entices me to join the game, to walk a bit on the wild side, to do things not yet done, to test existing known limits.

It is in these dimmer-see minutes that I recollect there must be the “Yes!”- – the “Goodness, my, we should do this thing!” “Yes” is doing this living maximum capacity and it is the thing that makes everything a particularly magnificent experience. It is just in this sincere “Yes” that I discover the delight of living and I see my life-inviting wink and my ready and waiting grin reflected back to me as I approach my day.

Courtney Armstrong